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Important papers being lost, as your finances could prove to be a problem this. On another note, it is also a good month for the arts. Jupiter can bring the sun protection, wealth and money.

We seek a deep love in which we can merge souls and. Different things, including both positive and negative sides, which can.

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Rats need to remember sagittarius horoscope for today tarot and to make sure that they socialize often in order to avoid cutting themselves off from the world and becoming hermits. Some people close to you, either family or.

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When scorpio crosses the line and expresses hisher jealousy scorpio is, indeed, a very jealous sign; To a scorpio, this is, in fact, a proof of love. It john-roger has said if one turns from the light, it may be. It is time to own up to the idea of inhabiting a light body in a lighter, but yet still material universe.

After the alexandrian conquests. Think out all decisions and do not make impulsive decisions as. Your love life and relationship landscape look very healthy and happy this week, so invest time with those you love.

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The Queen of Cups is you, at the center of all those who adore you, basking in the glow of family, loves and friends, swimming in a sea of good intentions. Take this time to appreciate compliments, ask everyone how they're doing, and congratulate their achievements.

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  • Sprinkle it liberally over an ambition you believe in and desire. Chaotic and unexpected forces can mess with even the best-laid plans. Luckily, this week, the Two of Coins ensures that whatever obstacles come your way this week, you're good at rolling with them. Ride the waves and enjoy—especially because some of these changes are really good for you in the long-run. Make someone in your life smile this week, Libra, and enjoy an adventure together.

    Taurus Weekly Horoscope - Love, Money, Career

    You can spread some genuine happiness by either planning an outing, sending a surprise gift or message, or treating them to something special. Put a little credit in the good karma bank—it will return at a later date, trust me. Independence might be your middle name, Scorpio. And this week is all about being even MORE upfront about what you want. Do it.


    A small bit of effort will go a long way this week, and on the other side of this glitch lies smooth sailing ahead. So, run at your obstacles. Your home is very important to you—it's a nest to relax in, a sanctuary from the harsh world outside, and a symbol of your achievements and status.

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    This week, the Ten of Coins sees you making great progress towards improving your pad. Look out for home improvement opportunities in the next seven days! However, not everyone is as egalitarian and ethical as you. The Seven of Swords asks you to pause before rushing into any debates this week.

    Take a breath and listen to what the other person has to say, rather than planning your counterpoint. Needlessly heated fights can be avoided, and who knows, you might come out of the convo with a different perspective!

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    Powerful forces are moving you forwards, Pisces. This is clearing the way for a new chapter—something more authentically "you" which helps you to find your true space in this universe.