Aquarius love horoscope march 12

Since it is such a good day for social occasions, indulge in it.

Check out what the stars say your day will be like today.

Also, delay the start of any new project or work today, advises Ganesha. The afternoon sun may bring some good returns or much awaited results for you. Love and affection will bring tranquillity in your family life. There is a distinct possibility of new relationships developing later in the day, says Ganesha.

Matters relating to government rules and regulations will be on the table today at your workplace. But evening promises a lighter fare; your fine taste in arts shall receive applause from all quarters. On the business front, you will possibly get lesser profits than expected. At work, your negotiating skills will save your money from being swindled by others. Sincere efforts and hard work will help you stay ahead of competition.

Chances are high that you will be footloose again — for business or pleasure. So pack your bags, advises Ganesha. In the evening, you may share some quiet time with those who share your opinions.

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Support and motivation await you at home as family members will be exceedingly tolerant of your actions and endeavours. You only need an itsy-bitsy excuse to party, and that's what you'll do today! You will make new friends, and they will prove helpful in times of need. Ganesha suggests a candlelit dinner to round up a perfect day.

Pisces-Aquarius Compatibility

On the domestic front, the support that your family members extend will prove to be invaluable, says Ganesha. Follow us on :. Every new day brings a host of opportunities and challenges. Scroll down to find out what's in store for you today. Complete your TV viewing experience with the best of Hollywood entertainment channels.

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Eclipses tear away things from your life that no longer work for you and bring exciting possibilities. This eclipse won't just have you thinking about your income—it will also cause you to reflect on issues with your self-esteem. Eclipse energy is super intense. Take it slow today and keep your ego in check: In addition to the eclipse, the Sun, the planet of ego, will oppose excessive Jupiter today, so watch out for exaggerations!

Venus enters Pisces on March 12, bringing some love to the financial sector of your chart: yay! Venus is the planet of all things good—romance, beauty, poetry, and art. Venus loves to be in sensitive, artistic Pisces. You'll be a fancy mood, Aquarius! Venus in Pisces will inspire you to remember how talented and unique you are; you'll definitely feel a boost in your self-esteem during this period.

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March 8 is one of the biggest days of the month, thanks to the new moon solar eclipse in Pisces. The spring equinox arrives on March 20, shifting your focus from cash to communication. This transit occurs right in time, since Venus will also meet hazy Neptune on this day. Venus and Neptune will create confusion in the money and worth sector of your chart, and you'll find yourself confused about what's important to you—or perhaps a material issue will go straight over your head.

But no worries: With the Sun in Fire sign Aries illuminating the sector of your chart that rules the mind, you will definitely be able to figure out the answers to whatever is frustrating you. Plus, when Venus and Neptune meet, the vibe is super creative and dreamy. As foggy as life might feel on this day, you'll likely be able to enjoy getting a little lost. On March 21, Mercury enters Aries, bringing you even more mental clarity, so you shouldn't be in the dark for too long.

March 23 is another big day this month! Jupiter squares Saturn, the Sun meets Mercury, and we have a full moon lunar eclipse in fellow Air sign Libra! Eclipses alter the way we see the world, and after this one in the sign of harmony, you'll definitely have a much more balanced view of the world. This eclipse will be activating the part of your chart that rules learning and growth, so any traveling or schooling you're doing will be touched by this energy.

Eclipses are exhausting, and so much more is going on this day, so be prepared! The planet of good luck and abundance, Jupiter, is currently in flawless Virgo, occupying a super sensitive and psychic area of your chart.

Aquarius Weekly Horoscope March 12 - 18, 2018

Virgo is a very analytical energy, and it's been inspiring you to sort through some difficult situations ultra logically and in a very practical, down-to-earth manner. Saturn, the planet of responsibility, is spending time in Sagittarius, the sign of the philosopher, and it's occupying the sector of your chart that rules your connections and social circle.

Saturn is a super mature, conservative vibe, so you have not been fucking around when it comes to choosing whom you will and won't cultivate friendships with. When Jupiter and Saturn clash on March 23, relationships that haven't been deep enough will demand your attention. If conflict doesn't pop up in your relationships, you might find that Jupiter and Saturn manifest their energies in the form of mental stress about complicated emotional issues, like grief or even intimacy.

Not every problem can be solved by thinking things through, and sometimes you just have to feel your feelings.

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Some people think you Aquarians are unfeeling—this is definitely not true, and anyone who does think this about Aquarians will learn a lesson today! One of the tricky things about today is the fact that the Sun, the planet of the ego, will meet with the planet of the mind, Mercury. People won't be very flexible in their way of thinking.

This isn't a day to try to convince someone of anything—they'll have to get there themselves. On March 25, Saturn stops in the sky and begins retracing its steps through the zodiac.

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During this Saturn retrograde, you will be reexamining the friendships you've made and, in general, the dreams you've dreamt up since last August, This is a time to review the social structures in your life and deeply reflect on whether they are supporting or hindering you. March 29 is just an awesome time to express yourself and socialize. The month wraps up with Mercury connecting with both of your ruling planets, on March 29 and

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